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We offer door-to-door service (all shipping costs included). Not included: customs fees or tax, which must be paid by the consignee.

Delivery time for “non-document” services can be ​greater than that for documents through Customs facilities at some destinations. If government taxes are charged, these costs will be the responsibility of the consignee.​

We can pick up your consignments from Monday to Friday or on call, depending on your needs.

All “non-document” shipping must be accompanied by a customs declaration, commercial invoice or pro-forma invoice for demonstration of value for Customs authorities.

Delivery times are estimated; they can vary from country to country, destination city or the type of merchandise being shipped.  Consult here our transit times Copa Courier Transit Times.pdf

For our terms and conditions check hereTerms and Conditions Courier.pd

Para nossos ​termos e condicoes verifique aquiTermos e condições Courier.pdf

    In some countries/destinations cassettes, videos, credit cards, negatives and checkbooks are subject to taxation.

    Copa 30 kilograms; customers who wish to transport additional kilos beyond the established limits can pay an additional cost per kilo. Customs procedures are the responsibility of the sender or the customs agent. 

    Weight charges are established according to the real weight or to the volumetric weight, whichever is larger.  To calculate the volumetric weight, utilize the formula:  Length  x Width  x Height (cm) = 5000 KILOS​​.

    Fuel Surcharge
    For information please contact our office or through your assigned Account Executive.

    Additional Charges
    Receivable (Collect): a charge of US $5.00 will be added for each shipment cash on delivery (restrictions apply). If the consignee of a shipment receivable refuses to pay the administrative charges, the shiper must pay the return, shipping charges and​​ any other expenses incurred during the return process.
    A fee of US $10.00 per AWB correction.

    A fee of US $25.00 per change address.

    A fee of US $10.00 per Print of Hard Copy or ​​Proof of Delivery.
    May apply charges ​for deliveries outside of the perimeter of coverage of Copa Courier.


    • Rates are expressed in United States currency and are subject to change.
    • We offer credit lines to corporate customers.
    • We do not make deliveries to P.O. Boxes.
    • We charge $14.50 for change of address to the United States and $5.00 to Latin America.
    • Destinations that include economical special zone shipments could have an extra charge.


    Our standard service also has values

    • If your shipment requires a service such as: leaving certicate, temporary export permit, etc.  It will take 24 to 48 working hours in addition to normal transit time.
    • Transport Declared Value: The Copa Courier responsibility is limited to payment of U.S. $ 9.07 per pound as the Warsaw Convention. Unless the shipper declares a value for additional transport, can be equal, but not exceeding the declared customs value. This service allows you to protect your shipment for a maximum amount of U.S. $ 650.00. The minimum amount payable is U.S. $ 5.00 to protect your shipment for U.S. $ 100.00. To further protect the customer will pay U.S. $ 0.50 cents for each U.S. $ 50.00 stated value.
     ​​​Forbidden Content
    • Cash.
    • Blank checks.
    • Firearms and / or their parts
    • Narcotics.
    • Pornography.
    • Animals.
    • Flammable or dangerous materials established by IATA.
    • Plants.
    • Identity Documents (DNI and licenses).
    • Antiques.
    • Human Remains in Ashes.
    • Counterfeit or imitation merchandise.
    • Goods that are prohibited by any regulation of the destination country.
    • Merchandise with packaging in poor condition or with exposed content.
    • Infectious biological samples.
    • Batteries or loose cells under UN3090 (lithium metal batteries) and UN3480 (lithium ion batteries).

    Restricted Content

    • Jewels and precious materials.
    • Liquor.
    • Drugs or pharmaceutical products and medical samples.
    • Perishable Products.
    • Liquids.
    • Foodstuff.
    • Tobacco.
    • Biological samples.
    • Ceramics (it is mandatory that the client signs the disclaimer).
    • Credit cards (bank letter is required indicating that it is deactivated).
    • Individual stamps
    • Passports (only through the Embassy / prohibited to the United States).
    • Lithium-ion batteries in equipment (UN 3481) that meet the provisions of Section II of Packing Instruction 967 and Lithium metal batteries in equipment (UN 3091) that meet the provisions of Section II of Packing Instruction 970.
    • No more than four batteries or two batteries per package can be shipped by Courier.
    • Not Accepted for Carriage: Lithium-ion batteries that are defective, reconditioned, refurbished, or intended for exchange, recycling, or disposal, whether shipped individually or as part of a kit.

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